Wheatbelt Senior League is an Independent and a Senior League.

1938      Beaverlodge AB, Grande Prairie Ab, Hythe, AB, La Grace AB< Sexsmith Ab, Spirit River Ab

1947 to 2004  unknown

2005      Fairview Ab, Grimshaw, Ab, High Prairie Ab, Peace River Ab, Rycroft Ab and Wanham Ab

2006      No Teams enter or left the league

2007      Ft St John BC and Grande Prairie AB enter the league and High Priairie has left the league.

2008      Dawson Creek BC enter the league and Fairview and Grimshaw has left the league.

2009      No Teams enter or left the league

2010      No Teams enter or left the league

2011      Cecil Lake Bc and Grimshaw Ab enter the league and Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie and Wanham has left the league.

2012      Peace River-North Peace Ab enter the league

2013      Grande Prairie enter the league and Cecil Lake and North Peace has left the league

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