Western Toronto League was an Independent League that was based in Toronto, On

1946 - Chelseas, Columbus Grad, Mahers, Roses

1947 - Canada B's, Mayfairs, Mahers, Stoneys

1948 - Earls Court and Westerns enter the League and Canada B's and Stoneys has left the league

1949 - West Yorks enter the League and Earls Court has left the League

1950 - No teams enter or left the League

1951 - Crosstown Motors, Milwaukee Sports and Peter Pan enter the League and Mayfairs has left the League

1952 - B & A Motors, Mahers, MIlwaukee Sports, Peter Pan, Western York, Western Yorl

1953 - Brants and Industrial Lumber enter the League and B & A Motors and Peter Pan has left the League

1954 - Milwaukee and Western York has left the League

1955 - Busseis, Giants, Kidokan, Yamadas

1956 - Columbus, Concords, Honest Ed Nisei, Hush AC, Presswood

1957 - No teams enter or left the League

1958 - No teams enter or left the League

1959 - Clintons and Milanis, enter the League and Columbus Giants and Hush AC has left the League

1960 - Concords have left the League

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