The lates installment of the Western league is an Independent league.

1995      Aberdeen Wa, Bend Or, Long Beach Ca, Palm Springs Ca, Rohnert Park Ca, Salinas Ca, Surry BC, Wentachee BC

1996      Reno Nv enetr the league and Surry has left the league.

1997      Chico Ca and Mission Ca enter the league and Long Beach and Palm Springs left the league.

1998      Oxnard Ca enter the league and Salinas has left the league.

1999      Sacramento Ca and St George Ut enter the league and Bend, Grays Harbor, Mission Viejo and Oxnard has left the League

2000      Marysville Ca, Scottsdale, Az Vacaville Ca and Yuma Az enter the league and Reno and Sacramento left the league.

2001      Long Beach Ca enter the league and Marysville, Scottsdale and Wenatchee left the league.

2002      Marysville Ca enter the league and St George left the league

2003      NO teams enter or left the league.

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