Western Independent Negro League played from 1907 to 1913

1907      Chicago Leand Giants, Chicago Union Giants, Indianapolis, St Paul

1908      St Paul Left the league

1909      Birmingham, Buxton (IA) , Kansas City, Minneapolis, St Paul, and San Antonio enter the League

1910      Chicago Giants IL, Chicago Leland Giants IL , Cincinnnati Oh, French Lick-West Baden In, Indianpolis In, Kansas City Giants  Mo, Kansas City Roal Giants, Minneapols Mn, Oklahoma City OK, and St Paul MN

1911     Chicago American Giants Il and St Louis Mo Enter the League and Kansas City Royal giants and Oklahoma City left the league.

1912      Frenck Lick In enter the league and Chicago Leland Giants, Kansas City Giants, Minneapolis and St Paul left the league

1913     Chicago Union Giants enter the league.

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