Victoria Senior League was an Independent League and a Senior League that was based in Victoria, BC excpet for 1941

1940 - Eagles, Navy, Pitzer & Nex, Tillicum

1941 - Chemanius, Victoria Eagles, Victoria Pitzer & Nex, Victoria Tillicum

1942 - Army, Eagles, Navy Pitzer & Nex, R.C.A.F., Victoria Machinery Depot (VMD)

1943 to 1946       Not sure if this league played

1947 - Eagles, Legion, Navy, Pitzer & Nex

1948 - Ben's Brothers and Boosters enter the League.

1949 to 1951      Not sure if this league played

1952 - Chinooks, Eagles, Farmer Construction, Harris Cyclers, Pak Bay Oaks, Plumbers

1953 - Central Cartage, Eagles, Farmers Construction, Page the Cleaners

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