Vancouver Terminal League was an Independent and a Senior League that was based in Vancouver BC.

1920      Cancucks, Gilmore, Hanbury, Rat Portage

1921      Asahi, Lumber and Mount Pleasant ether the league and Canucks and Gilmore has left the league

1922      Kitsilano and Spencers enter the league and Rat Portage has left the league.

1923      No Teams enter or left the league.

1924      Engineering, Harry Dunkers and Shelly Brothers enter the league and Hanbury, Kitsilano and Spencers has left the league.

1925      Carleton enter the league and Engineering, Lumber and Shelly Brothers has left the league.

1926      Ex-King George and Hanbury enter the league and Caraleton and Harry Dunkers has left the league.

1927      No Teams enter or left the league.

1928      Firemen, Generals and VAC, enter the league and Ex-King George, Hanbury and Mount Pleasant has left the league.

1929      C. N. R., Knights of Columbus, Shore's Jewelers, Shore Hill,

1930      Asahi, Mc& Mc, Shores, South Hill

1931      Beabies and Marshal Wells enter the league and Mc & Mc and South Hill has left the league.

1932      Abbotsofrd and Meralomas enter the league and Beabies and Marshall Wells has left the league.

1933      B & W Fuel enter the league and Abbotsford has left the league

1934      Unknown teams

1935      Asahi, IOCO, Shore's Jewerlers

1936      Hastings Athletic, IOCO, Lowney Chocolate, Shore's Jewelers

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