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Vancouver Senior League was an Independent and a Senior League that was based in Vancouver BC.

1921      Adams, Asahi, BC Electric, Collingwood, CPC, Hudson Bay, ILA, Province

1922      Arnold & Quigley, Centrals, Elks and Mission enter the league and Adams, Asahi, CPC, Hudson Bay, ILA and Province has left the league.

1923      Young LIberals enteer th eleague and Arnold & Quigley, Centrals and Mission has left the league.

1924      Central, Hanbury and Liberals enter the league and BC Electric and Young Liberals has left the league.

1925      Athleitcs enter the league and Central has left the elague

1926      Asahi enter the league and Athletics, Collingwood and Hanbury has left the league.

1927      Collingwood, Firmean and VAC enter the league and Elks, Liberal and Young Conservatives has left the league.

1928      General enter the league and Collingwood has left the league.

1929      No Teams enter or left the league.

1937      Arnold & Quigley, Athletics, United Distillers

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