Vancouver Industrial League was an Independent and a Senior League that played in Vancouver, BC until 1968

1950      Boilermakers, Longshoremen, Machinist, Western Bridge

1951      Cliffords, Nisei, and Pacific Tribune enter the league and Machinist has left the league

1952      Lynn Athletic, North Vancouver, P.T. Clippers, West Vancouver enter the league and Clifford and Pacifc Tribune has left the league.

1953      CYO enter the league and Lynn Athletic, North Vancouver and West Vancouver BC left the league.

1954      P.T. Clippers has left the league.

1955      Firefighters enter the league.

1956      No Teams enter or left the league.

1957      No Teams enter or left the league.

1958      No Teams enter or left the league.

1959      No Teams enter or left the league.

1960      Firefighters has left the league.

1961      Optimists and Sinon Frasier enter the league and Nisei has left the league.

1962      North Vancouver A and North Vancouver B enter the league and Optimist and Simon Fraser has left the league.

1963      Astorias and North Shore enter the league and North Vancouver B and West Bridge has left the league.

1964      North Shore has left the league.

1965      Athletics enter the league.

1966      Regents enter the league and Athletics, Boilermakers and North Vancouver A has left the league.

1967      North Shore enter the league and Astorias has left the league.

1968      North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam and Vancouver Merchants enter the league and Regents has left the league.

1969      Burnaby and Burnaby-Villas enter the league and North Vancouver and Port Coquitlam ahs left the league.

1970      New Westminster, North Vancouver, Vancouver Canadians and Vancouver Realtors has left the league and Burnaby, Burnaby-Villas, Vancouver Merchants and Vancouver North Shore has left the league.

1971      unknown teams

1972      North Vancouver, Vancouver CYO, Vancouver Fraser, Vancouver Lonshoremen, Vancouver Merchants

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