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Vancouver Commercial League was an Independent League that was based in Vancouver, BC excpet for 1952

1910 - Dry Goods, Fruit Merchants, Johnson Bros, Spencer

1911 - Fruit Merchants, Johnson Bros, Province, World

1913 - B. C. Telephones, Cedar Cove, Law Students, National Biscuit Co, North Vancouver, West Canada Power

1914 - C. P. R., Crescents, and Snider & Brethour enter the league and Cedar Cove, Law Students and North Vancouver has left the league

1915 - Firemen and Malkins enter the league and C. P. R. and West Canada Power has left the league

1916 - Arnold & Quigley and Purdy Pets enter the league and B. C. Telephones

1917 - No teams enter or left the league

1918 - Coughlan's, Delmonico, National Buscuit, Purdy-Centrals,

1920 - Arnold & Quigley, Central, Mission, Nabobs

1921 - Kelly-Douglas enter the league

1936 - A & Q Cubs, Asahi, Forest, Grant Gunn, Patricias

1952 - Nanaimo , Vancouver Indians, Vancouver Kerrisdale, Vancouver Olympics, Vancouver Pilsners, Vancouver-U of BC

NOTE 1 - During the 1918 Season, Purdy and Central Merged together

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