Utah State League was an Independent League that was based in Utah

1901      Logan-Lagoon, Ogden, Park City, Salt Lake City

1902      Logan enter the League and Park City Enter the league

1903      Ogden and Salt Lake City were the only two teams and they played each other until Salt Lake City enter the Pacifc National league

1904 to 1907     Not sure if this league played

1908      Draper, Murray, Occidentals( of Salt Lake City), Ogden, Salt Lake City

1909      Ft Douglas enter the league and Draper and Occidentals has left the league.

1910      Salt Lake City-Occidentals enter the League and Fort Douglas left the league

1911      No teams enter or left the league

1912 to 1930    Not sure if this league played

1931      American Forks, Benjamin, Lake Shore, Lehi, Orem, Payson, Salem, Spanish Forks

1932      Helper, Ogden  Price, Provo, Salt Lake City Green Cab, Salt Lake City Moose

1933      Helper, Provo, Salt Lake City Holsum Bakers, Slat Slakt City Royal Bakers

1944      Brigham City, Magma, Midvale, Salt Lake City

1945      Brigham City, Magma, Murray, Provo

Note 1 - Utah State League played from 1899 to 1903 with unknown teams.

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