The Utah-Idaho League operated for a total of four years:1926 through 1928 as a Class C. In 1900 the league was unclassified. 1924-1925 and 1935 it operated as an independent.


1900     Pocatello ID, Ogden UT, Salt Lake City-Rio Grandes and Salt Lake-Short Lines


1924     Brigham City UT, Malad UT, Ogden UT, Tremonton UT

1925     Bear River Canyon UT and Lewiston UT entered the league.

1933     Crystal Springs UT , Logan Collegians UT, Logan Elks UT, Malad UT, Smithfield UT, Tremonton UT 

1934     Birghma City UT, Crystal Springs UT, Logan Collegians UT, Logan Elks UT, Malad UT, Ogden UT, Smithfield UT, Tremonton UT

1935     Brigham City UT, Garland UT, Logan Collegiate UT, Logan Elks UT, Prescott ID, Ogden UT, Smithfield UT, Tremonton UT

1938     Garland-Tremonton UT, Honeyville UT, Logan UT, Malda UT, Oden (Probably but not sure Ogden), Preston ID, Richmond UT


 Boise, ID: 1928

 Idaho Falls, ID: 1926-28

 Logan, UT: 1926-27

 Ogden, UT: 1926-28

 Pocatello, ID: 1926-28

 Salt Lake City, ID: 1926-28

 Twin Falls, ID: 1926-28

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