Derek Jeter

On Saturday, Derek Jeter became the first ever member of the New York Yankees to join the 3000 hit club. Not only did he get his 3,000th hit, but he did it in grandiose fashion. He hit his 3,000th hit on a home run blast. He also ended up going five for five on the day and helping his team win.

Many sports writers are already spectating when Derek Jeter will get his 4,000th hit. In fact, when he got on after a bunt single, the Jumbotron message at the stadium appeared with a message saying "Countdown to 4,000." After Jeter's amazing game on Saturday, people are speculating that Derek Jeter is back in prime form and that his motivation is at an all time high level. In fact Joe Maddon, manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, said “He went a little above and beyond today.”

What are your opinions of Jeter's record day? Are you impressed by it?




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