Jose Bautista

In no surprise, as Derek Jeter approaches his 3,000th hit and attempts to be the first member of the New York Yankees to ever reach this plateau, many sports pundits have already been discussing who might be the next "Derek Jeter" or the next mega superstar in baseball. Jelisa Castrodale from NBC Sports, discusses her top five candidates for the next "Derek Jeter."

Her candidates include - Jose Bautista, Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria, Andrew McCutchen, and Troy Tulowitzki. Let's briefly look at some of these athletes' statistics.

  1. Jose Bautista - Bautista was this year's top vote recipient for the All-Star Game. He is currently leading the league with 28 home runs and batting an outstanding .331. The only drawback is Bautista is already 31 years old.
  2. Ryan Braun - Braun is currently batting .320 and is in the top 5 of all major statistical categories. He has yet to suffer from many injuries so his longevity could be an asset in his push to superstardom.
  3. Evan Longoria - Longoria, like Jeter, is one of only ten players to win a Gold Glove, an AL Silver Slugger and the AL Rookie of the Year award.
  4. Andrew McCutchen - McCutchen is in the top five for both Offensive and Defensive WAR currently, which is a stat that no one else has ever been able to claim.
  5. Troy Tulowitzki - Finally, Tolowitzki led NL shortstops in batting average, OBP, SLG, OPS and home runs in 2010. If he can continue these numbers, there is no doubt that he could be the next Jeter.


Who will be the next Jeter-esque star?

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