Umpires should utilize t.v. monitors,computers and microphones.Baseball is in the age for perfection and how does he have a strike zone when he could have communication to umpires to monitors and computers.They could relay to a headset on every umpire.Laser strike zone.Instant replay pause by umpire or dispute by a team's coaching staff.Umpires would be distracted by a visor with a computer strike zone.Pitches and strike zone and hitters strike zone.And if a fan comes on the field why don't they pass him a bat or support him with bats.Intruder dangerous possibly on the field use your bat to defend and make an arrest hand off to the guards.Players should know on the field to make an arrest and history of these fans,microphone and headset on umpire.Tazer.And they could set up a computer field on the playing surface and trip wire laser to find objects on the field,sensitive for playing field,debris.Fielders could land on the debris and injure themselves,outfield umpires to monitor the field.Headsets and umpires.

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