Ottawa should be made into a American League team from Expos.They should be given the rights to Expos and to build a AL team in Ottawa.The team would have more success and more of a power game,power hitting and Starting pitching.They could play the Blue Jays in rivalry.They would have American fans to Ottawa area.Ottawa would need a dome and retractable one and their seasons for baseball.Hockey fans are great baseball fans and dropped from the Expos.Hockey then will put Ottawa into an AL team.NL failed and pinch hitter can be DH.Ottawa will be a highly offensive club with starting pitching the Jays don't do.Codes to do with Ottawa for baseball.Drafts and minor league.Trades open up to them.Success would be there and it is something that should be MLB and AL.Same division as Jays.Fans can destroy Boston and NY problem,for Ottawa fans will start to war with Red Sox and Yankees and this makes them back into fans.They contribute to make Ottawa highly competetive with trades and drafting and building a club with 20 game winner starters rotation and a great bullpen.Closer.Power hitters and high batting average great hitters.Offense and excitement.American fans have this last chance and American market is the only one that would reject this and have Yankees Boston problem.Then they are saying Ottawa is not a sports town but sat out.Well they have to work at it or it will be air ball.Serious approach,dome would be too expensive to Ottawa's budget from sports history.Adjusting to weather?American market at selling Americans and American loyalists to watch Ottawa.Put money in the pockets of the players.I say its moving Expos from Montreal to Ottawa.Nationals retain nothing of Expos.Once it is in America its turned into American style,cut out Montreal players and put in American players instead and make them boring.No offense No Starting pitching heroics,just boring ball to win a championship. Ottawa would need a stadium that would adapt to the players and weather to put them forth in AL expectations from Ottawa in sports that they are not just in hockey.Canvas covered dome cover retain heat and rain delays and fan factors from directions fans and how much Ottawa and Canada can supply.People try to manipulate someone to do a rule.Players of Ontario and loyalties and they would challenge the Eastern Seaboard and interleague play and that will put them in first in their division.They will find more rivalries with other teams AL.Playoff time.Organization and imput money to have an Ottawa level team and higher.Drafting.And they know of other Canadian bid I though of NL Alberta Wildcats.Ottawa Millionaires as there are Rockies.Future rivals would poison Majors no Ottawa because they don't want a pounding and to be neutralized by starting pitching,they just want to add Ottawa code players to their team.All MLB teams add these expansion's players in their lineup,attributes. Ottawa has been affected by double A and triple AAA.It might have to raise up a level to ML and AL.AL because they will have the offense the AL has in pitching and batting and usually Ottawa picks out a very talented club with great offense.They will have high caliber in baseball from Ottawa's thinking.They have been conquered by MLB teams from Phillies to Yankees and have to dispute this out by playing them.Longer this takes longer Ottawa will take to translation their offense into baseball.It took decade before Senators could take form.Same with Ottawa and Ottawa to MLB will be very competetive.Montreal again forget that.Copies and for Ottawa go in for Montreal's.In Professional sports Ottawa.They would also want the DH rule to use on Toronto.NL offense held back with the pitcher.

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