The Major Leagues has a major problem.It is lop sided and one sided.The NHL solved this and spreads out players and distributes players using chances like free agency and trade.This is not done and Boston and Yankees became a dynasty that should not be.Oakland A's was a mile stone and player for player and as a team they were physically stronger than the Yankees and Boston combined.Now there is the Reggie Jackson theory that as A's should be one-sided now to Yankees relation.This was all done by a greedy blundering President of Majors who is a brat and made Yankees and Boston unbreakable.This problem as the  J's could be solved by shuffling players from around the Majors.Plant players NL on Orioles,White Sox again,chemistry.Put them on low ranking teams to change the league.This has NL players and AL shuffle and not remain on their former clubs like from Cards and Reds,Giants.They don't just do this for Toronto.Many clubs like Twins go out and get free agents.This is better for change every season in a true champion some what like A's follow.Marners a chance get a great manager.Makes for a better sell and NHL is more popular than baseball than boring all ML supported Boston.Teams get tries at players loyal to them on other teams.Marlins would be better and Cubs would go final.Stuck at Tigers and Orioles.Get more teams.NHL has Alberta and now Manitoba with Jets.Per province.Each city can do it.Majors is Judge and Jury of Major leagues.They made rules that certain teams must win.Broken by Giants.Cards next time should not strengthen Boston and beat them or get beaten by KC.With free agent signings and better management signings make powerful clubs that you can't control fate of World Series.This is not controlling the fate of the league to obey a rule like a slave.Break it open.Gather up a team and management in NHL it happens blunt.More expansion teams to make history.Areas no baseball lead Majors not go on NY.NHL LA and Chicago not Toronto.Failure of distribution and balance of the league,so it sustains.Lop sided.

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