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Your message was -- Alberta Wildcats I thought and wanted to put it on a wiki blog.To suggest a Series Circuit team for Alberta.Alberta Wildcats and area would be a successful area for baseball from the weather,players and management and support.Alberta would be more successful name than a city for the size and loyalties and resources to name Alberta.Bigger.They could get manpower from the Pacific and to make Canada into a baseball country,baseball power.And our hidden resource of players is not where you think,they are in Western Canada.Factors to draw in fans and directions.Their team because of the people are capable of being a power in NL.They are not minor league.You would defeat alot of teams in NL.I thought of Ottawa took being AL because rivalry with Jays.Another Canadian team and a powerhitter team with hard throwers of this area.Alberta Wildcats.And to get from the Pacific players.This area and baseball,strength, intelligence, leadership caliber players from population.This would be a champion early and beat on NL teams and beat on AL.And chances would be more because of all of Alberta and loyalties and US.They could make a really scenic place for a stadium,temperatures in fall,utilize technology for open stadium to push it,retractable dome.Colorado has a drainage system.Success of a team is to draw in money to pay big players and keep them.T..V. market and rivalries draw in media.This team would have alot of power.Manager would guile and smart in tactics and codes.Outfield would be higher than the league average.They would have starters that would complete rotation.They could have hard thrower starter and with the manager codes to offspeed and high velocity.They would have players from Pacific.Micronesian,Oceania,Polynesian Italian APTN Iriqouis.This team is of huge men.Power.Excellent range fielding.They would win the World Series as they clinch pennant.Wildcats would be built to side of Mountain for sunset in woods,build a city and road networks and would have a stadium that would have a retractable cover for cold.And a system for field maintain play during weather.Put together a powerful team with right players and paying them salary and to hang on to them and would make a big trade. -- end of message.

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