United League was an Independent League that started as Texas-Louisiana League (1994-2000, and then change its name to Centreal Baseball League (2001-2005) and not to be confused with the current United League that started in 2013.

1994      Alexandria La, Amarillo Tx, Beaumont Tx, Corpus Christi Tx, Harlingen Tx, Mobile Al, San Antonio Tx,    Tyler Tx

1995      Abilene Tx, Laredo Tx, Lubbock Tx, and Pueblo Co enter the league and Beaumont and San Antonio left the league

1996      Corpus Christi, Laredo, Mobile and Pueblo left the league.

1997      No teams enter or left the league.    

1998      Greenville Ms, and Lafayette La enter the league and Tyler has left the league.

1999      Springfiled Moenter the league and Lubbock has left the league.

2000      Jacksnon Ms and San Angelo Tx enter the league and Abilene has left the league.

2001      Enidburg enter the league and Jacksonand Lafayette has left the league.

2002      Fort Worth Tx and Jackson Ms enter the league and Greenville has left the league.

2003      Robstown Tx and Shreveport La enter the league.

2004      Pensacola Fl enter the league and Alexandria, Harlingen and Springfield has left the league.

2005      El Paso Tx enter the league and Amarillo has left the league.

2006      Alexandria La, Amarillo Tx, Harlingen Tx, and Laredo Tx enter the league and El Paso, Ft Worth, Jackson, Pensacola, Robstown and Shreveport has left the league

2007      No teams enter or left the league.

2008      No teams enter or left the league.

2009      Robstown enter th eleague and Alexandria has left the league.

2010      No teams enter or left the league.

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