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Twin City League was an Independent League that was based in Louisville, Ky

1913 - Athletics, Bruins, Cadets, Champions, Hepburns, Kentucky Oaks, Shamrocks, Spring Banks

1914 - Bruins, Champions, Imperials, K of C, Macklin, Olympics, Shamrocks, Trinity

1915 - Bertands enter the league and Shamrocks left the league

1916 - Orioles enter the League and Bruins left the league

1917 - Hibernians enter the League and Olympics left the league

1918 - No teams has enter or left the league

1919 - Californians, Shawnee and St Xavier enter the league and Bertands, Champions, Imperials, Orioles, and Trinity has left the league

1920 - Catholic Men's Association, and Knights of St John has enter the league and Californians and Shawnee has left the League

NOTE 1 - Some of these teams might have played in New Albany, In

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