Twilight Textile League is an Independent League that was based in South Carolina

1933     Beaumont, Crescent, Fairforest, Greenville-Cleveland Playground, Inman, Saxon, Spartanburg-Hearld Journal, Spartanburg-Hub City, Spartanburg-Spartan, Valley Falls

1934     Arcadia, Beaumont, Carolina Foundry, Crescent, Drayton, Saxon, Spartanburg-Spartan

1947     Beaumont, Cowpens, Crescent, Flatwood ,Lenoir, Reidville, Valley Falls

1952     Andrews, Flatwood, hayne Yard, Landrum Liberty, Reidville, Spartanb urg-Cannon's Campground , Stone Station

1953     Chesnee enter the league and Andrews left the league.

1954     unknown

1955     Campobelle, Draper, Flatwood, Hayne Yard, Liberty Ridge, Reidville, Southern Shops, Spartanburg-Cannon's Camp Ground.

1956     Adams-Mills, Beaumont, Campobella, Drayton, Spartanburg-Cannon's Camp Ground

1957     Inman, Liberty Ridge, Tryon, enter the League and Adams-Mills, Drayton and Roebuck has left the League

1958     Green Creek and Landrum enter the League and Beaumont and Campobella has left the League

1960     Beaumont, Drayton, Fingerville, Landrum, Roebuck, Spartanburg-Cannon's, Startex, Valley Falls

1962     Boiling Springs, Riverside, Spartanburg-Cannon's, West Springs

if any one has any information on this league, please post it on this website and email me at

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