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By far, the most popular name adopted by any organized minor

league was Tri-State. There were six leagues, in various years

that have used that name. This is the first Tri-State League

which operated from 1888 through 1890.-

Tri-State (1888-90)

Akron, OH: 1890

Canton, OH: 1888-90

Columbus, OH:  1888

Dayton, OH: 1889-90

Hamilton, OH: 1889

Jackson, MI: 1888

Kalamazoo, MI: 1888

Lima, OH: 1888

Mansfield, OH: 1888-90

McKeesport, PA: 1890

Sandusky, OH: 1888

Springfield, OH: 1889-90

Toledo, OH: 1888

Wheeling, WV: 1888-90

Youngstown, OH: 1890

Zanesville, OH: 1888

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