The Daily Buzz - July 8Edit

Al Michaels & Bob Costas Edit

- Al Michaels has been calling baseball games ealier than 1980. Eventually he went on to Super Bowl

and Football games. Bob Costas started off in the 1990's in the postseason. These two commentaters haven't came together ever. But tonight's Giants VS Padres will feature Michaels and Costas. And is a game to search for. Giants and Padres will begin at 10:00 EST.

Derek Jeter's or Jim ThomeEdit

-Derek Jeter is now 2 hits away from 3,000 and drawing a huge crowd at new Yankee Stadium. Which can ( and will ) in the next 2 games. But now currently Tampa and New York's game is postponned for Rain.

And Fans are unhappy, but knowing how close Jeter is to the record, it's not worth leaving.

Jim Thome is now only 5 home runs away from 600 HR. Twins getting bigger crowds at Target field and

all about Thome!. But can he get 5 Homers before the Midsummer Classic?. Probably not but he has chances to get at least one.

I would most likely cruise over to Yankee Stadium with Derek Jeter. Why?, 2 hits is a lot quicker to hit then 5 home runs. But once the All-star break is over, keep your eye's glued on the Twins. Because we've only seen a about 3 people reach 600 in the past 10 years ( or so ).

A-rod and Jeter Out of The All-starsEdit

-Last week Derek Jeter was still 10 hits away from 3,000, and at 2,992 he was injured. He only sit out for a few games and was in AA. Now that he is back and 2 hits away he is now not going to the all stars to rest his Injury.

-Just today Alex Rodriguez is checking on an Injury he has recently gotten. Even if he is not on the 15-day DL,

He is sitting out for the All Stars. Most people think its just sad for the American League having half the Yankees in the Lineup. Now that Jeter and A-rod are not in, who will be in?..

The Next Buzz!Edit

What did the sox do in Game 2 with the Orioles with a big offence?

Jeter meets 3,000


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