Susquehanna League was an independent league that was based in Pennsylvania except for 1922

1908     Benton, Berwick, Bloomsburg, Nescopek, Northumberland, Shickshinney

1909     Alden, Danville, Nanticoke and  entered the league; Northumberland left the league.

1910     No teams entered or left the league.

1911     Selisngrove and Sunbury enterd the league; Alden, Benton, Nescopek and Shickshinny left the league.

1912     No teams entered or left the league.

1913     Hazleton entered the league; Nanticoke, Selingsgrove and Sunbury left the league

1914     Brodrick, Luzerne, Rose Hill, Swoyerville.

1915     Ashley, Athletic, Franklin, Newton, Preston, South End

1916 to 1919   NOT sure if this league played

1920     Benton, Berwick, Benton, Shickshinny

1921     Breslau Pa, Dupont Pa, Duryea Pa, Firwood PA, Mocanaqua Pa, Parson, Pa, Pringle Pa, Wilkes Barre-Maltby

1922    Aberdeen MD, Bel Air MD. Darlington MD, Elk Mills MD, Elkton MD, Harve de Grace MD, Perryville MD, Rising Sun MD

1923    No teams entered or left the league.

1924    Darlington and Rising Sun left the league

1925    Susquehanna changed its name to Tri County League before the season began. Rising Sun entered the league; Aberdeen left the league.

1926    No teams entered or left the league.

1927    North East, MD and Oxford, PA entered the league.

1928    Berwick Pa, Bloomsburg Pa, Elysburg Pa, Mifflinville PA, Nescopeck PA

1929    Elk Mills MD, Havre de Grace MD, New Castle DE, Oxford PA, Perryville MD, Wilmington DE

1930 to 1933  -  NOT sure if this league played

1934    Conrads, Craley Pa, Freysville Pa, Mt Pihgar(or Mt Pisgah), Lucky, WIndsor Pa

NOTE 1 - BOLD mean unknown League