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Sunset League-1947 to 1950

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The second organization to use the title Sunset League was a

Class C circuit which operated from 1947 through 1950.

Sunset (C 1947-50)

 Anaheim, CA: 1947

 Anaheim/San Bernardino, CA: 1948

 El Centro, CA: 1947-50

 Las Vegas, NV: 1947-50

 Mexicali, BaCa: 1948-50

 Ontario, CA: 1947

 Porterville, CA: 1949-50

 Reno, NV: 1947-49

 Riverside, CA: 1947-50

 Salinas/Tijuana, CA/BaCa: 1949

 San Bernardino, CA: 1949-50

 Tijuana, BaCa: 1950

Yuma, AZ: 1950

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