Southwestern League was an independent league in 1887, 1891, 1893, 1895, 1899, 1903, 1913, 1928), Class F (1898), Class D  (1904, 1921, 1924-1926), (B 1956-1957), and a Class C 1922-1923,. also the Southwestern League was sometimes called Red River League-1898 and Oklahoma State League-1904.

1887     Fort Smith AR, Hot Springs AR, Little Rock, AR, Pine Bluff AR, Spinrgfield MO, Webb City MO

1891     Carthage MO, Ft Scott KS, Joplin MO, Parsons KS, Pittsburg KS, Webb City MO, Wier City KS

1893     unknown

1895     Unknown

1898     Bonham TX, Denton TX, Hot Springs AR, Little Rock AR, Paris TX, Sherman TX, Shreveport LA, Texarkana TX

1899     Unknown

1903     Arkansas City, KS, Enid OK, Oklahoma City, OK, Shawnee OO

1904     Enid OK, Guthrie OK, Oklahoma City OK, Shawnee OK, During the season, the Shawnee franchise moved to Chickasha, OK then back to Shawnee.

1913     Bisbee AZ, Douglas AZ, El Paso TX, Tucson AZ

1921     Bartlesville OK, Coffeyville, KS, Independence KS, Miami OK, Muskogee OK, Parson KS, Pittsburg KS, Sapulpa OK. During the season, the Parsons franchise moved to Cushing, Ok.

1922     Hutchinson KS, Salina KS, and Topeka KS entered the league; Cushing, Miami and Pittsburg left the league.

1923     No team entered or left the league

1924     Arkansas City KS, Emporia KS, Enid OK, Eureka KS and Newton KS entered the league; Independence, Coffeyville, Blackwell left the league. During the season, the Newton franchise first moved to Blackwell, then to Ottawa and back to Newton.

1925     Bartlesville OK, Cushing OK, Enid OK and Topeka KS entered the league; Coffeyville, Emporia, Eureka, Indepenence and Newton left the league. During the season the Enid franchise moved to Shawnee, OK.

1926     Enid, OK and Ponca City, OK, entered the league; Cushing and Shawnee left the league. During the season the Ponca City franchise moved to Eureka, KS.

1928     Hamlin TX, Hollis OK, Mangum OK, San Angelo TX

1956     Ballinger TX, Carlsbad NM, Clovis NM, El Paso TX, Hobbs NM, Midland TX, Pampa TX, Plainview TX, Roswell  NM, San Angelo TX

1957     Roswell  and San Angelo left the league. During the season, the Midland franchise moved to Lamesa, TX and the Pampa franchise moved to San Angelo, TX.

2004     Unknown

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