The Southern Association operated for a number of years under various classes.

Independent 1885,  1887-1889, 1901

Class D 1886

Southern Association

1885     Atlanta GA, Augusta GA, Birmingham AL, Chattanooga TN, Columbus GA, Macon GA, Memphis TN, Nashville TN

1886     Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA entered the league; Birmingham and Columbus left the league.

1887     Birmingham AL, Mobile AL, and New Orleans LA, entered the league; Atlanta, Augusta, Chattanooga and Macon left the league.

1888     Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN entered the league; Mobile, Nashville and Savannah left the league.

1889     Montgomery, AL and Shreverport, LA entered the league; during the season, Birmingham moved to Mobile and Charelston, SC move to Atlanta, GA.

1890 to 1891   Suspended Operations

1892     Birmingham, AL and Macon, GA entered the league; Atlanta which came from Charleston and Shreveport left the league.

1893    Augusta GA, Charleston SC, Nashville TN and Savannah GA, entered the league; during the season the Birmingham franchise moved to Pensacola FL.

1894    Mobile move to Atlanta during the season; Augusta, Chattanooga,  Montgomery and Pensacola left the league.

1895    Chattangooga TN, Mobile AL, Little Rock AR and Montgomery AL entered the league; Charleston, Macon, Mobile-Atlanta, and Savannah left the league. During the season the Chattanooga franchise moved to Mobile AL.

1896    Birmingham AL, and Columbus GA entered the league; Evansville, Little Rock, Memphis and Nashville left the league.

1898    Atlanta GA, Augusta GA, Birmingham AL, Charleston SC, Chattanooga TN, Macon GA, Mobile AL, Montgomery AL, New Orleans, LA and Savannah GA. During the season the Birmingham franchise moved to Mobile AL.

1899    Shreveport, LA entered the league; Atlanta, Augusta, Charleston, Chattanooga, Macon, Moible and Savannah left the league and Montgomery AL move to Dallas Tx.

NOTE 1 - Some newspapers called this League the "Dixie League"

Southern Assn' (B 1892-1898, 1901)(A 1902-35)(A1 1936-45)'(AA 1946-61)

 "Little Rock AR -Arkansas": 1961

 Atlanta, GA: 1902-61

 Birmingham, AL: 1901-61

 Chattanooga, TN: 1901-02, 1910-42, 1944-61

 Chattanooga/Montgomery, TN/AL: 1943

 Knoxville, TN: 1931-43

 Knoxville/Mobile, TN/AL: 1944

 Little Rock, AR: 1901-09, 1915-30, 1932-55, 1957-58, 1960

 Little Rock/Montgomery, AR/AL: 1956

 Macon, GA: 1961

 Memphis, TN: 1901-60

 Mobile, AL: 1908-30, 1945-61

 Mobile/Shreveport, AL/LA: 1931

 Montgomery, AL: 1903-14

 Nashville, TN: 1901-61

 New Orleans, LA: 1901-59

 Selma, AL: 1901

 Shreveport, LA: 1901-07, 1959-61

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