Southern Alberta League was an Independent or Senior Baseball League that was based in Alberta

1907    Claresholm, High River, Nanton, Stavely

1908    Granum enter the league and High River has left the league.

1909    No teams enter or left the league

1910    Claresholm, Fort Macleod, Granum, Stavely

1911    Cardston, Lethbridge, Magrath, Raymond

1912    Brooks, Carlstadt, Red Cliff, Suffield

1919    Fort Macleod, Lethbridge, Pincher Creek, Taber

1920    Unknown Teams

1921    Unknown Teams

1922    Cardston, Magrath, Raymond, Suffied

1923    Lethbridge Miners and Lethbridge O.B. enter the league

1924    Lethbridge Elks and Taber enter the league and Lethbridge O.B. has left the league.

1925    New Dayton enter the League and Taber Left the League.

1926    Lethbridge Miners enter the League

1927    Cardston, Fort Macleod, Hill Springs, Lethbridge Elks, Lethbridge Miners, New Drayton, Raymond, Spring Coulee, Stirling

1928    Lethbrdige Cubs enter the league

1929    Lethbridge Elks, Lethbridge Miners and New Dayton has left the League

1930    New Drayton enter the League and Cardston has left the league.

1934    Coutts, Lethbridge Cubs, Lethbridge Miners, Medicine Hat

1935    Hardieville, Lethbridge, Magrath, New Dayton, Raymond, Stirling

1936    Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat

1937    Unknown Teams

1938    Cardston, Magrath, New Drayton, Raymond, Spring Coulee, Stirling

1939    Cardston, HIll Spring, Magrath, New Drayton, Raymond, Spring Coulee, Stirling and Warner

1940    Lethbridge enter the League and Cardston, Hill Spring and Warner left the League.

1945    Coaldale Bussie, Coaldale Cubs, Iron Springs, Pitcure Butte Bussie, Picture Butte Chinnook, Raymond AC, Raymond YMCA, Turin

1946    Magrath, New Dayton, Raymond, Sunburst, Warner, Wrentham

1948    Lethbridge, Magrath, New Drayton, Picture Butte, Raymond, Wretham

1949    Foremost, Magrath, New Drayton, Taber

NOTE 1 - Lethbridge O.B is Lethbridge Our Best

NOTE 2 - Sunburst is either in Montana or unknown location in Alberta