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Southeast Missouri League was an independent league, unknown if this league played from 1921 to 1923 or before 1919 and after 1927

1919     Cape Girardeau MO, Charleston MO, Illmo, MO, Sikeston MO

1920     Caruthersville MO entered the league; Illmo has left the league.

1924     Campbell MO, Cape Girardeau MO, Caruthersville MO, Dexter, MO, Kennett MO, Malden MO, Poplar Bluff Mo,  Sikeston MO

1925     Charleston Mo, Cairo Il, and Doniphan Mo enter the league and Campbell, Caruthersville and Cape Girardeau has left the league

1926     Unknown if this league played

1927     Cairo IL, Cape Girardeau MO, Chaffee MO, Dexter MO, East Prairie MO, Popular Bluff MO and Sikeston MO

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