Saskatoon City League was an Independent and Senior League that played in Saskatoon Sk. in 1944 Saskatoon City League didnt play and instead Interactive League took its place for one year.

1911      Unknown teams

1912      Hoos Hoos, Owls, Sutherland

1913      Ashdown's Hardware, Bankers, Burnets, Caines, Hoo Hoos, Kleins Warriors, Mosse Lodge, Nutana Merchants

1914      Not sure if this league played

1915      Catholic Club, Liberals, Sutherland, Transportation

1916      Langham, Pilgrims, Sutherland, Transportation

1918      Beavers, Pilgrims, Quakers, Sutherland

1920      CNR, Fawcetts, Fifth Battalion Sutherland

1921      CNR, CPR, Fawcetts, Fifth Battalion

1922      CNR, CPR, Fawcetts, Fifth Battalion

1923      CNR, CPR, Columbus Club, Vanscoy, YMCA

1924      CNR, Columbus Club, Elks

1925      CNR, Columbus Club, Elks

1926      CNR, Elks, North Stars

1927      CNR, Elks, North Stars

1929      Northern Distrbutors, St Joseph, Star-Phoenix

1930      Northern Distrbutors, St Joseph, Star-Phoenix

1931      Northern Distrbutors, Quakers, St Joseph

1932      Aberdeen, Gems, St Joseph

1935      Duundurm Camp, Gems, RSC

1940      ACT, Hilltops, Northern Distrbutors, Tigers

1941      Cubs, RCAF, Tigers

1942      Cubs, Tech Aeronauts, Tigers, #4 SFTS, #7 ITS

1943      Cubs, Tech Aeronauts, #4 SFTS, #7 ITS

1944      Dundurn, Navy, #4 SFTS, # 12 VTS

1945      Club, Flowerdale, Navy, Tigers

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