Safeco Field
Location 1516 First Avenue S.
Seattle, Washington 98134
Broke ground March 8th, 1997]]
Opened July 15th, 1999]
Surface Kentucky Bluegrass/Perenial Ryegrass blend
Seattle Mariners (Major League Baseball) (1999-present)
Seattle Bowl (NCAA)

Safeco Field in the SoDo distrcit of Downtown Seattle, framed by First Avenue S. to the west, and Edgar Martinez Drive S to the south, Royal Broughm Way to the North, and the BNSF Railway to the east.


Like most of the ballparks that were built after the beginning of the 90's, Safeco is considered a retro modern style ballpart, that incorporates many of the features of the the ballparks built in the 50's and earlier with modern features. It features a retractable roof, on a modern note.

Ground rules surrounding the Safeco Field retractable roofEdit

Batted ball striking the roof or roof trusses:

  • A ball striking the roof or roof truss in fair territory is judged fair or foul in relation to where it lands.
  • A ball striking the roof or roof truss in foul territory is a foul ball, regardless of where it lands.
  • A ball striking the roof or roof truss is still considered in flight, and the batter is out if legally caught by a fielder, regardless of where it struck.

Movement of the roof:

  • If the game starts with the roof open, it may be closed during the game if weather conditions warrant, and at the discretion of the home team. Play may continue during closure, unless the umpires determine it is necessary to stop play.
  • If the game starts with the roof closed, it may be opened during the game if weather conditions warrant. Opening the roof can only start between innings, after notification of the umpire crew chief. The visiting team may challenge the decision to open the roof, but final decision over whether to open the roof lies with the crew chief. The roof may only be opened once during a game.

Notable baseball events at Safeco FieldEdit

Major LeagueEdit

Preceded by:
The Kingdome
Home of the
Seattle Mariners

1999 – present
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Turner Field
Host of the All-Star Game
Succeeded by:
Miller Park

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