Rockingham County League is an Collegiate league that was in Virginia

1924 - Bridgewater, Briery Branch, Broadway, Dayton, Keezleton, Linville, Port Republic. During the Season, Linville moved to Edom

1925 - Bridgewater, Broadway, Grottoes, Harrisonburg, Keezleton, Pineville, Rushville, Spring Creek. During the season, Keezleton move to McGaheysville

1926 - Dayton enter the League and Pineville and Rushville left the league

1927 - Mount Clinton enter the league and Harrisonburg left the league

1928 - Ottobine enter the league and Broadway and Bridgewater left the league

1929 - Elkton and Mount Crawford enter the league and Ottobine left the league

1930 - Broadway and Bridgewater enter the league and Grottoes and Mount Clinton has left the league

1931 - Bridgewater and Spring Creek has left the league

1932 - Harrisonburg has enter the league and Elkton has left the league

1933 to 1937 not sure if this league played

1938 - Broadway, Daly Brothers, Dayton, Elkton, Spring Creek, Travellers

1939 - Clinton, Linville, Otterbine enter the league and Daly Brothers, Elkton and Travellers has left the league

1940 - Mount Crawford has enter the league and Clinton has left the League

1941 - Keezleton has enter the League and Clinton has left the league

1942 to 1945 not sure if this league played

1946 to 2012 Unknown Teams

2013 - Bridgewater, Broadway, Clover Hill, Elkton, Luray, Montezuma, New Market, Stuart

2014 - NO teams enter or left the league

2015 - Grottoes enter the league

2106 - NO teams enter or left the league

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