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The Rio Grande Valley League operated for four years. First in was 1930 as an independent league. 1931 and 1949 were Class D. The league was then upgraded to Class C for 1950, their final season.

1930     La Feria Tx, Mission Tx, Raymondville, Tx

Brownsville, TX: 1930, 1949-50

Corpus Christi, TX: 1949-50

Corpus Christi/LaFeria, TX: 1931

Del Rio, TX: 1949-50

Donna, TX: 1930, 1950

Harlingen, TX: 1930-1931, 1950

Laredo, TX: 1949-50

McAllen, TX: 1930-1931, 1949-50

Robstown, TX: 1949-50

San Benito, TX: 1930-1931

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