Pickens Textile League was an Independent league that was based in South Carolina

League  1 (1921-1923)Edit

1921     Alice, Easley, Glenwood, Liberty, 1922     Central and Pickens enter the League

1923     Beverly and Three Twenty enter the league and Central and Liberty has left the league.

League 2 (1930)Edit

Alice, Liberty #2, Liberty #3, Pickens

League 3 (1936)Edit


League 4 (1940)Edit


League 3 (1950-1955)Edit

1950     Alice, Arial, Catachee, Central, Glenwood, Pickens, Poinsett

1951     Bi State and Piedmont enter the league and Alice and Pickens left the league.

1952     Alice and Pickens enter the league and Bi State, Central, Glenwood, Piedmont and Poinsett left the league.

1953     Central and Newry enter the league.

1954     Easley and Walhalla enter the league

1955     Glenwood enter the league and Central, Easley and Walhalla left the league

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