Running from 1934 through 1942 the Pennsylvania State Association was a class D league. It was based in the southwestern part of the state. The league was usually full of minor league farm teams. During the nine-year run of the league there were eleven cities, all from Pennsylvania, that represented the league. Elmer M. Daily was President of the league the full nine years of its existence. The Butler Yankees walked off with four of the league's nine championships, winning three titles in a row, 1937, 1938, 1939 and closed out the league with the 1942 Crown. There were at least sixteen known players from the league who managed to make it to the majors. Also, in the league, there were some twenty-one team managers who had been affiliated with a major league team, during their baseball careers. There was no effort made to restart the PSA after World War II and it has been dormant since that time.

All teams are based in Pennsylvana

1934      Clarleroi, Greensburg, Jeannette McKeepsort, Monessen, Washington

1935      Butler enter the league and Jeannette has left the league.

1936      Jeannette enter the league and Washington has left the league

1937      Beaver Falls enter the league and Charleroi has left the league.

1938      Jeannette and Monessen has left the league

1939      Johnstown and Washington enter the league

1940      Warren enter the league and Greensburg has left the league. During the season, McKeesport move to Oil City

1941      No teams enter or left the league.

1942      Beaver Falls and Warren has left the league.

(Unknown year - 1890)

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