Palmetto Textile League was an Independent League, In 1955 it was called Palmetto Textile League--Anderson Loop.

League 1 (1928-1934)Edit

1928     Abbeville  SC, Greenwood Sc, Grendel Village-Grendel #1 SC, Grendel Village-Grendel #2 SC,Ninety Six SC, Ware Shoals

1929    Abbeville and Grendel Village-Grendel #2 has left the league

1930    No teams enter or left the league.

1931    No teams enter or left the league.

1932    Clinton SC and Mathews SCenter the league.

1933    Clinton has left the league

1934    Abbeville SC, Calhoun Falls SC and Chappels Sc enter the league and Grendel #1 and Ware Shoals

League 2 (1937-1938)Edit

1937    Geenwood SC, Joanna SC, Lydia SC, Ninety Six SC

1938    Clinton and Ware Shoals enter the league

League 3 (1940-1942)Edit

1940    Braod River SC, Cannon's Creek SC, Chesnee SC, Clifton SC, Fairmont SC, Wellford SC,

1941    Beaumont SC, Chesnee SC, Dunagan SC, Fairmont SC, Hayne SC, Spartanburg-Cannon's Ground

1942    American Legion SC, Powell Sc and Saxon SC enter the league and Chesnee Dunagan and Hayne has left the league.

League 4 (1947-1949)Edit

1947    Apalache SC, Campobello SC, Chesnee SC, Cross Roads SC, Dixie Shirt SC, Fingerville SC, Holly Springs SC, Landrum SC,  Pacolet SC, Powell SC, Roebuck SC, Simpsonville SC, Watts SC'

1948    Boiling Springs SC, Cross Roads SC, Holly Springs NC, Landrums SC, Saluda NC, Tryon NC

1949    Fork Shoals SC, Fountain INn SC, Hickory Travern SC, Ridgeway SC, Ware Shoals SC

League 5 (1951-1955)Edit

1951   Chander SC, Dry Oak SC, Fountain Inn SC, Hickory Tavern SC

1952   Fork Shoals SC, Ridgeway SC and Ware Shoals SC enter the league and Changer and Dry Oak left the league.

1953   Clinton SC and Watts SC enter the league and Fork Shoals, Ridgeway and Ware Shoals left the league

1954   Anderson SC, Belton SC, Belton-Lee Steam Plant SC, Gossett SC, Newry SC, Peerless SC, Poinsett SC

1955   Gluck SC, La France SC, Orr Sc enter the league and Lee Stream Plant, Newry and Gossett has left the league.

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