Ottawa City League was an Independent League that was based in Ottawa, On

1919       City Hall, East, Eastview, Knights of Columbus, Saint Brigids, Saint Patricks, Senacas

1920       Pastimes and Senators enter the league and Senacas has left the league

1921       Franch Canadians and Gunners Enter the League and East, Eastview, and Pastimes has left the League

1922 to 1923    not sure if this league played

1924       Rideaus, Saint Anthony's, Standards, 38th

1925       Metropolitans and Mortimers enter the league and Rideaus left the league

1926       Gunners, Davidson, Metropolitans, Montagnards, Rideaus

1927       Montagnards left the league

1928       LaSalle enter the league

1929       LaSalle has left the league

1930       LaSalle enter the league and Metropolotans has left the league

1931       No team has enter or left the league

1932      Roamers enter the league and Rideaus has left the league

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