Northwestern League was an independent league.

1879    Davenport IA, Dubuque IA, Omaha NE, Rockford IL

1881    Unknown

1883    Bay City MI, Ft Wayne IN, Grand Rapids MI, Peoria IL, Quincy IL, Saginaw, MI, Springfield IL, Toledo OH

1884    Milwaukee WI, Minneapolis MN, Muskegon MI, Stillwater MN, St Paul, MN and Terre Haute IN entered the league; Springfield and Toledo left the league. During the season, the Bay City franchise moved to Evansville, IN

1885    Duluth, Mn entered the league; Evansville, Ft Wayne, Grand Rapids, Peoria, Quincy, Saginaw and Terre Haute left the league.

1886    Eau Claire, WI and Oshkosh, Wi entered the league; Muskegon and Stillwater left the league.

1887    Des Moines, IA and LaCrosse WI entered the league.

1891    Bay City MI, Dayton OH, Detroit MI, Evansville IN, Fort Wayne IN, Grand Rapids MI, Peoria IL, Terre Haute IN. Due to severaal franchises withdrawing, three seasons were played. But when Grand Rapids and Terre Haute also withdrew, the season was terminated July 30.

1895    unknown

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