Northwest Semi Pro League is an Independent and a Senior League.

1952      Unknown

1953      Unknown

1954      Bellingham Wa, Blaine Booster, Blaine Rambler Wa, Burnaby BC, Deming Wa Oak Harbor Wa.

1955      Blaine Air Force Wa and Whally BC has enter the league and Blaine Booster and Oak Harbor has left the league

1956      Seattle Wa, Tacoma Wa, Vancouver-White Soxs BC and Victoria BC has enter the league and Blaine Air Force, Blaine Rambler, Deming and Whalley has left the league.

1957      Deming Wa,  Seattle-Cheney Wa, Seattle-Young Liberals Wa, and Vancouver-Harwoods BC enter the league and Tacoma has left the league

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