This is the circuit that made me a researcher. My home town of Joliet, IL had a minor league team in 1910 which played in the same park as I played in Colt League. I became fascinated with the idea of my standing at home plate or roaming the outfield like a "professional" (yeah, it was only Class D, but it still made me want to know more). That was in the 1950s. I'm still fascinated today and it became my number one hobby!! SABRMnLgs 18:20, July 30, 2010 (UTC)Jerry

Northern Assn' (D 1910)(1914)

1914 Unknown

Clinton, IA

Decatur/Taylorville/Decatur, IL

Elgin, IL

Freeport, IL

Joliet/Sterling, IL

Jacksonville, IL

Kankakee, IL

Muscatine, IA

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