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North Essex League was an Independent League that was based in Ontario

1932    Colchester, Essex, Klondyke, Lakeshore-Woodslee, LaSalle, Windsor-Sandwich West

1933    Essex, Klondyke, Lakeshore-Woodslee, Oldcastle,  Salem, Windsor-Remington Park

1934    Colchester and Maidstone enter the League

1935    McGregor Enter the League and Colchester, Maidstone and Remington Park has left the League

1936    No teams enter or left the League

1937    Klondyke, Lakeshore-Woodslee, Leamington, Maple Leafs,  McGregor, Titans

1938    Essex, Harrow, Kingsvillle, Maidstone and OldCastle enter the league and Klondyke, Maple Leafs and Titans has left the league

1939    Amherstburg and Pleasure Beach has enter the League

1940    No teams enter or left the League

1941    Kingsville and Oldcastle has left the League

1942    Tilbury has enter the League and Pleasure Beach has left the League 

NOTE 1 - Bold is unknown League

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