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North Dufferin League was an independent league based in Ontario.

1930 - Honeywood, Horning Mills Maple Leafs, Horning Mills Stars, Shelburne

1931 - No Teams enter or left the League

1932 - Mansfield enter the league

1933 - Horning Mills Stars and Shelburne left the league

1934 to 1938 - Unknown teams

1939 - Creemore, Horning's Mills, Ivy, Mansfield, Shelburne

1945 - Creemore, Everett Leafs, Everett Sporting Club, Horning Mills, Mansfield, Shelburne

1946 to 1955 Unknown teams

1956 -  Alliston, Honeywood, Horning Mills, Mansfield, Riverview, Shelburne

1957 to 1963 - Unknown teams

1964 - Clarksburg, everett, Honeywood, Lislie, Mansfield, Shelburne

1965 - Alliston and Horning Hills enter the league and Everett and Shelburn left the League

1966 - Angus and Creemore enter the League and Alliston and Horning Mills left the League

1967 - Alliston and New Lowell enterthe League

1968 - Shelburne has enter the league and Angus has left the League

1969 - Angus has enter the League

1970 to 1972 - Unknown teams

1973 - Alliston, Clarksburg, Creemore, Everett, Honeywood, Lisle, Mansfield, New Lowell, Shelburne, Thornton

1974 to 1998 - Unknown teams

1999 - Clarksburg, Collingwood Blues, Flesherton, Ivy, Lisle, Orillia, Stayner

2000 - Beaver Valley, Collingwood Cubs, Creemore, Flesherton Junior, New Lowell Junior, and New Lowell Senior enter the League

2006 - Aurora, Barrie, Bolton Braves, Clarksburg, Clearview, Creemore Braves, Ivy, Lisle, Mansfield, Midland, New Lowell, Orilllia

2007 - S.C Cougars enter the league and Clarksburg has left the League

2008 - Angus, Nobleton and Orangeville enter the Leauge and Orillia and S.C. Cougars left the league

2009 - Barrie B, Boltan Brewers, and Orillia enter the League and Nobleton and Orangeville has left the League

2010 - No teams enter or left the League

2011 - Orangeville enter the League and Barrie and Barrie B left the League

2012 - Barrie enter the League

2013 - Nobleton enter the League and Lisle and Orangeville left the league. Bolton Braves change its name to Bolton Brewers.

2014 - Lisle and Orangeville enter the league and Orilli a has left the League

2015 - Creemore Barons enter the league and Bolton Brewers has left the league

2016 - Alliston enter the League and Angus has left the league

NOTE 1 - not sure if this league played between 1940 and 1944

NOTE 2 - BOLD means unknown location

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