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North Country Baseball League
Sport Baseball
Founded 2015
No. of teams 4
Country United States
Official website Official site

The North Country Baseball League is an independent, professional baseball league located in the Northeastern region of the United States. Operating in cities not served by Major League Baseball or their minor-league affiliates, the NCBL has four franchise teams spread throughout the states of New York and Maine. One of the teams, the Road City Explorers, is a traveling team, playing all of its games at one of the other three teams.[1]

Logo for the previously proposed East Coast Baseball League

The league was originally proposed as the East Coast Baseball League and had six teams, four in the United States and two in Ontario, Canada. Right before the season started, the Watertown team pulled out over what they claimed were unfulfilled promised by the ECBL management. The other U.S. based teams also pulled out and with Watertown reformed the current North Country Baseball League; the two Canadian teams then folded.[2]

Contents Edit


  • 1 Teams
Team City Stadium Newburgh Newts Newburgh, New York Delano-Hitch Stadium
Old Orchard Beach Surge Old Orchard Beach, Maine The Ballpark
Road City Explorers Traveling Team Watertown, New York, Duffy Fairgrounds
Watertown Bucks Watertown, New York Duffy Fairgrounds

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