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The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), founded in 1938, is an association of community college and junior college athletic departments throughout the United States of America. It is held as Divisions and Regions. The current NJCAA holds 24 separate regions.

The majority of community colleges in the state of California are not members of the NJCAA.


The idea for the NJCAA was conceived in 1937 at Fresno, California. A handful of junior college representatives met to organize an association that would promote and supervise a national program of junior college sports and activities consistent with the educational objectives of junior colleges.

The constitution presented at the charter meeting in Fresno on May 14, 1938, was accepted and the National Junior College Athletic Association became a functioning organization.

In 1949, the NJCAA was reorganized by dividing the nation into sixteen regions. The officers of the association were the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public relations director, and the sixteen regional vice presidents.

Division HistoryEdit

Years Division
1938-1945 None
1945-1986 Division I
1986-1991 Division I, Division II
1991-present Division I, Division II, Division III



Current NJCAA map of Regions.

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