Moose Jaw City League was an Independent league and a Senior League that was based in Moose Jaw, SK.

1903    Bankers, Clerks #1, Clerks #2, Climaxm Comus CLub, C.P.R., Delphics

1904    C.P.R., Delphics, Mintos, Strathconas

1905    Not sure if this league played

1906    C.P.R., Delphics, South Hill, Y.M.C.A

1907 to 1911  Not sure if this league played

1912    Barbers, CPR, Empress Hotel, Real Estate, Savoy Theatre, YMCA

1913    Allan-Cummings, Moose Lodge, Patricias, Robin Hoods

1914    Not sure if this league played

1915    Latham's, Robin Hoods, Sask Bridge & Iron, Shell Factory

1916    Ken & Browns, Maybee-Kennedys Old Timers

1917 to 1920  Not sure if this league played

1921    Latham's, McKenzine, Robinson-MacBain, St Joseph

1922    CPR and Hardward enter the league and Latham's and Robinson-MacBain has left the league

1923    Motors and Robin Hoods enter the leauge and Hardwar and McKenzie haas left the league.

1924    Elks enter the league and CPR and Robin Hoods has left the league.

1925    Clubs has enter the league and Motors has left the league

1926    Kiwanis Club enter the league and Elks has left the league

1927    Not sure if this league played

1928    Not sure if this league played

1929    Campbell Cats, Gray, Malden Colts and St Joseph

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