Milwaukee City League was an Independent League that was based in Milwaukee

1887    Badgers, Bay View, Gold Eagles, Nationals, North, Welcomes 

1893    Athletics, Cream City, Laurel, South Milwaukee

1907    American Candy, Brunswicks, Burghardts, Katts, Montreal Bros., Quins, Sisson & Sewells, Waukeeha Beach

1908    Unknown If Played

1909    American Candy, Burghardts, Calkins, Koerners, Kosciuskos, McGreals, Oronomowoes, Ripple and Meyers, Sisson & Sewell, Watertowns

1910   Mitchell Banks, State Banks, Waukeshas, Weinbrenners enter the league and Calkins, Kosciuskos, Oronomowoes, Ripple & Meyers left the league.

1911   English Woolens, Kosciuskos, Oronomowoes and Speers Bonfields enter the league and American Candys, Mitchell State, State Bankes, and Waukeshas has left the league

1912    Bab Knockers, M. Fyers, Pritzlaff-Winks and Waterloo enter the league and McGreals, Kosciuskoes, Oronomowoes, Speers Bonfields and Weinbrenners

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