Mid County Textile League was an Independent League

1933     Arkwright SC, Clifton SC, Converse SC, Fairmont SC, Inman SC, Lyman SC, Spartanburg Spartan SC, Tucapau SC, Wellford SC,  Whitney SC

1934     Clifton SC, Fairforest SC, Glendale SC, Lyman SC, Pacolet SC, Saxon SC, Spartanburg Spartan SC, Tucapau SC

1935     Buffalo SC, Cherokee Falls SC, Clifton SC, Converse SC, Drayton SC, Fairmont SC, Fingerville SC,    Pacolet SC

1936     Arcadia SC, Gaffeny SC, Glendale SC, and Monarch Sc enter the league and Cherokee Falls, Drayton, Fingerville, Pacolet has left the league

1939     Adams NC, Camden SC, Coverse SC, Fairmont SC, Spartanburg Spartan, Spartanburg Cannon's Camp Ground SC, Tucapau SC, Valley Falls SC, Wellford SC

1940     Clinton SC, Joanna SC, Laurens SC, Lydia SC, Mollohon SC, and Newberry SC

1947     Clifton SC, Glendale SC, Inaman, SC, Jonesville SC, Rivedale SC

1948     Arcadia SC, Chesnee SC Converse SC and Pacolet SC has enter the league.

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