The Michigan-Ontario League was a Class B organization that operated from 1919 through 1926

Michigan-Ontario (B 1919-1926)

Battle Creek, MI: 1919-20

Bay City, MI: 1919-26

Brantford, Ont: 1919-22

Flint, MI: 1919-26

Grand Rapids, MI: 1923-24

Hamilton, Ont: 1919-25

Kalamazoo, MI: 1923-24

Kitchener, Ont: 1919-22, 1925

London, Ont: 1919-25

Muskegon, MI: 1923                                                 

Port Huron, MI: 1926

“Port Huron-Sarnia”, MI/Ont: 1921-22

Saginaw, MI: 1919-26

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