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At the end of each Major League Baseball season, the league leaders of various statistical categories are announced. Leading the league in a particular category is referred to as a title.

The following lists describe which players hold the most titles in a career for a particular category. Listed are players with four or more titles in a category. Active players are highlighted.

Home run titlesEdit

§ In 1997, because of a mid-season trade, McGwire led Major League Baseball in home runs, but neither the AL nor the NL.

Hits titlesEdit

RBI titlesEdit

Runs titlesEdit

Total bases titlesEdit

Stolen base titlesEdit

ERA titlesEdit

Wins titlesEdit

Strikeout titles (pitchers)Edit

§ In 1998, because of a mid-season trade, Johnson led Major League Baseball in strikeouts, but neither the AL nor the NL.

Innings pitched titlesEdit

Games started titlesEdit

Saves titlesEdit

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