The Lone Star League League operated as a Class D organization from 1927 through 1929

The league was upgraded to Class C for the 1947 and 1948 seasons.

Lone Star (D 1927-29)(C 1947-48)

Beeville, TX: 1977

Bryan, TX: 1947-48

Corpus Christi, TX: 1977

Corsicana, TX: 1927-28

Gladewater, TX: 1948

Harlingen, TX: 1977

Henderson, TX: 1947-48

Jacksonville, TX: 1947

Kilgore, TX: 1947-48

Longview, TX: 1927, 1947-48

Lufkin, TX: 1947-48

Marshall, TX: 1927, 1947-48

McAllen, TX: 1977

Mexia, TX: 1927-28

Palestine, TX: 1927-29

Paris, TX: 1927-28

Sherman, TX: 1929

Texarkana, TX: 1927-29

Texas City, TX: 1977

Tyler, TX: 1927-29, 1947-48

Victoria, TX: 1977

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