This is a list of people who have been associated with the Chicago White Sox team in Major League Baseball. The sections for principal operating owners and managers are complete; all other sections include only those individuals with an existing article. Individuals who have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame are indicated with a β.

Team ownersEdit

Other executivesEdit


The common name of each White Sox manager is followed by the years he served, his Won-Lost-Tied record, and any titles he won for the team. The current manager is named in bold; italic names never managed another major league team; italic dates show that this was the first or last major league team he managed.

* - One more game in each of 1915, 1939 and 1940 is regarded as a no-decision.


Broadcast announcersEdit


For Chicago White Sox players past and present see: Chicago White Sox all-time roster.

Other noteworthy individualsEdit

Celebrity Fans, Past and PresentEdit

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